about us


At e2m we believe that prototypes must be assembled perfectly every time with full visual and x-ray inspection. It is hard enough debugging a new design without having to suspect assembly errors. We know that process controls are crucial as there are no ‘practice runs’ to fine tune any particular assembly.

From a business point of view we believe that the benefits of off shore manufacturing are smaller than they appear at first glance. We know it is possible to build quality product onshore cost effectively.

At e2m we believe that a product is not perfect unless it can be built cost effectively. It is the integration of its components that yields the big picture. All too often focus stops at each subcomponent, mechanical electrical and not enough effort is is given to the final assembly. Costs can be reduced by ensuring that each component lends itself to easy assembly, inspection and testing. Easy assembly reduces maintenance costs as well as optimizing profit from the product.


Our mission is to say YES to your assembly needs. Every company has different requirements and we strive to meet them all. We welcome the challenges of new technologies and innovative solutions.


We are 1-1/2 years old as an assembly house but our age belies our experience. Talk to us and see for yourself We are growing quickly through our offering of such a complete range of services under the same roof.